Monday, July 25, 2011

and the end was near.

I aplogize for it being so long since I last posted. It has been a crazy last few weeks trying to finish up the project to completion.  Now as I sit here the final night before I leave so much has and is going through my mind. Be checking for a more in-depth blog of the past few weeks as I have time to process and really put a heartfelt, sincere effort into every word that is written.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Cerro Chirripó- Video

We did it--Here is a glimpse of the amazing adventure!

Monday, July 4, 2011


We did it!  After 9 hours of hiking we summited Mt. Chirripó.  Standing over 3820 m [12,530 ft], the tallest point in Costa Rica, hiking just over 19.6 km [ about 12 miles] we made it! In total we hiked 42 km [26 miles] in 15.5 hrs.

We started the trek at 4:30 am Friday July 2.  Waking up from the hostel that was located just 50 m below the trail head we all suited up with all our gear that contained everything from food, warm clothes, med kits, head lamps, sleeping bag, etc., we would need for the next two days out on the trail.  As we headed up the trail, trudging through the thick mud that the morning horses had softened up, I started to realize the task at hand.  It was our goal to get to base, another 14.5 m, on day one.  From there we would decide to continue further and attempt to summit or hold off until sunday morning.

The steep trail, full of mud, rocks, and various other obstacles made for a tough ascent that left us gasping for air at times.  As we ascended the mountains, valleys, and passes, the trail and pain in my muscles was quietly soothed and forgotten about as my focus was on the views.

Throughout the trail we climbed hills such as "Mount without Faith", "Water's Climb", "Old Man's Beard", "The Burns", and worst of all, "The Repentance."

Arriving at base about 11 am and 14.5 km later, we decided to sit down for a while, hydrate, and rest our feet.  After resting up, I took a short 15 min nap, fixed up the many blisters my feet endured from the climb, we decided to see if we could summit Mt. Chirripó, with another 5.1 km climb.  Part way down the trail it began to drizzle a bit and we decided to call it a day. Wisdom over pride.  The decision: wake up at 2 am and head for summit tomorrow morning.

The building we stayed in has been nicknamed "The Refrigerator."  We all now know why.  Bundled up in jeans, sweatshirt, and mummy sleeping bags, it was a long cold night.

2 am came so quickly. The air was crisp. My muscles were sore. My feet throbbing from blisters. Fingers difficult to bend from the cold. Head lamp on. Breath visible in the air, we took off for Cerro de Chirripó, hoping we would get to see the sunrise at the summit. I must admit, the stars at 2 am are incredible! I even saw two shooting stars.

After 2 hrs of up and down, rolling through the saddle pass to Chirripó, we had reached the base of the mountain.  The air was thin. It was cold. And I was tired. But adrenaline was running. We were so close!  With a 400 ft gain in elevation the ascent seemed to be straight up.  We scrambled, scaled, huffed, and puffed to the top.

At 4:26 am on July 3, 2011. I was second in my party to summit! I had made it!  This had to be one of the most difficult things I had done in a loooong time. Mentally, Physically I was drained. Take a look--

On the contrary, it was a huge accomplishment. I still have yet to fully process the thoughts that ran through my head.

Below are a few pictures from the early morning summit:

[Me at the summit of Chirripó!]

[Sunrise view from the top of Cerro Chirripó]

[3 July, 2011 P. Grant Larsen Minneapolis, MN--summited Cerro Chirripó]

Upon summiting we took a few pictures and headed back down. Fromt the summit we got to catch a little bit of the sunrise and were able to see the Carribean ocean! From there, the plan: summit, descend, and catch three buses back to Atenas--what a day.

But, what an amazing two days it was! I can now say I have climbed my first mountain; the tallest point in Costa Rica nonetheless.  My name is in the book and the feeling of accomplishment was amazing. Currently we are putting together a documentary video that captures our journey of Chirripó; be looking for that  and more photos soon!  Until then, I'll see you on the flip side.

** For more pictures of the trip click here and/ or take a look at my facebook page. Hope to hear from ya'll soon!


P. Grant

Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mt. Chirripó

So as I prepared last night and continue preparing this morning to climb the tallest point in Costa Rica; Mt.  Chirripó with three other interns I'm surprisingly not nervous nor afraid; rather, excited.  Be in prayer for safety and wisdom. It is no easy hike; but definitely one to remember!

Standing at 3,820m [12,529']; an 11 mile trail; and 7,000' of vertical elevation gain, this mountain stands as Goliath, and myself David.  I have never done any hiking/ climbing of this magnitude. Questioning whether i an physically fit to endure the grueling task ahead of me, or whether I have the appropriate gear for a trek of this magnitude.

All I know is I will try to enjoy every moment of this experience enjoying God's incredible creation.  Be looking for a few blogs and photos upon my return Monday!

Goliath [aka Mt. Chirripó]:

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ought to be a man.

So last night we had our final Bible study under the topic "Biblical Manhood". Preparation for this study was to come up with a creative way to share the work that God has been doing in our life throughout our time here in Costa Rica.  I thought I would share the poem I wrote:

Ought to be a Man

Life full of purpose,
Life free from the curse.

Consumed man,
Trading truth for lies.

Bearing the worlds image,
Instead of Your image.

The downfall of man.

To live a life of selflessness,
Rather than selfishness.

Of dignity,
Of honor.

Doesn’t take fame in power nor greed nor pride,
But runs after God’s own heart.

That is what a man ought be.

searches for and finds,
fights and wins,
trusts and lives,
loves and sacrifices.

Lets go of the world,
Like David searching

Runs for his life,
Not to be filled with strife.

A servants heart
God planted from the start.

That is what a man ought to be.

Walking in the dust of a savior,
man’s heart truly savors.

Man can do nothing but kneel,
letting God take the wheel.

Sacrifices his life,
So to give another life.

That is what a man ought be.

Cries out to God
That he might be sought,

He utters from the top of his lungs,
Ready for his life to become undone

know me,
see me,
examine me,
test me,
investigate me,
question me,
protect me,
show me,
watch me,
have me,
hold me,
help me,
keep me,
change me,
create in me,
break in on me,
break in on me.

For he knows what a man ought be.

Chooses to love without fear,
It’s alright to shed a tear.

That man is not judged by man,
Nor shall he lift any hand.

For the true judge is the lover himself,
That truly gives of himself.

That is what a man ought be.

Builds a foundation with a cornerstone of Christ,
Leads an example for those who don’t know Christ.

Builds the house on His solid rock,
All starting when Christ went, knock knock.

It is the world that has been mistaken,
It’s by God’s strength he wont be shaken.

Power to lead and love,
Comes only from above.

That is what a man ought be.

So madly in love with you,
He has no fear in what you, the guide, might do.

But commits his life,
Through the peril he’s met.

For life comes from the one above,
And he must truly learn to love.

For love itself is Christ,
And Christ itself is love.

That is what a man ought be.

In him he finds security,
And that is 100% certainty.

That a life without Christ,
Is a life without reason.

I have thanked God for such a miraculous season.
One particular reason.

He thought me,
Then brought me,

And He has taught me,
What a man ought be.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cienega Update

**Check out update of the building I have been working!! Click here: La Cienega God is good!!**

100-4-20 Project

One month left--it cannot be true!  It is amazing to me that 5 months have already passed by. Wow! That being said I need your help! I have been so blessed by many of you for your prayers and financial support over the past 5 months. It has allowed me to let God work in and through me, no strings attached.  That being said, I am on the home stretch and I am in need of financial support.

The Lord laid the 100-4-20 Project [One Hundered-for-Twenty Project] on my heart the other night when I was asking Him and praying to Him, anxious and worrisome of finances. At the moment I am $2000 shy of my budget.  Your support time and time again has allowed the mission that God has me here in Costa Rica with EMI to take full speed.  Serving the community, partnering with the local church, serving in Mexico and for Amor ministries with the design of Cienega [a new Christian University south of Cancun that will be the seed of Christian education in the Yucatan Peninsula].

The 100-4-20 Project looks something like: 100 people pledging to support for $20.

God says there is power in numbers. I am asking for support and continued prayer from continuing or new supporters that are excited about expanding God's Kingdom.  At first I thought I was a little out there with the idea--but when are God's ideas within the realm of our understanding.  After chatting with a few people of great wisdom in my life, God continued to affirm this prompting on my heart.  I have started pursuing and God has continued to provide.

I am asking, are you willing to give a $20 bill to expand God's Kingdom. Together, can we gather 100 people who are passionate about Christ and the work that He has sent me to in Costa Rica?

Information for sending donations:

- For easy online donations view the "How to Donate" tab at the top and follow the simple instructions.

- Cash: see Address below and include a note stating: For Grant Larsen #2851

- Check:
           > Make donations payable to EMI or Engineering Ministries International
           > Only put #2851 in the memo; DO NOT include my name on the check

Engineering Ministries International
130 E. Kiowa, Suite 200
Colorado Springs, CO 80903

I would love to hear from you if you have questions or just want to hear what God is doing here in Costa Rica.

Shoot me an email!

Together, with the power and trust in the faithful provider of our God, much can be achieved.

"...Men swear by someone greater than themselves, and the oath confirms what is said and puts an end to all argument. Because God wanted to make the unchanging nature of his purpose very clear to the heirs of what was promised, he confirmed it with an oath. God did this so that, by two unchangeable things in which it is impossible for God to lie, we who have fled to take hope of the hope offered to us may be greatly encouraged. We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, where Jesus, who went before us, has entered on our behalf…"

Hebrews 6:16-20